MSL: The Saga Begins

Mint State Labs is just over six months in the making. Young in the sense of an established company but far from it when it comes to resourcefulness, ingenuity, and dedication. Mint State Labs’ proclamation to the world is simple: make cool stuff that resonates with fans, make it affordable, and make it easy to use. Whether you’re a comic book fan, trading card gamer, or a coin-op style arcade enthusiast, MSL is gearing up to make waves on the blockchain.

When it comes to new experiences, first impressions tend to leave a lasting effect. With a deep appreciation and respect for such, Mint State Labs is excited to announce the relaunch of our website. MSL has gotten a fresh new look and feel with vibrant colors, sleek animations, and jaw-dropping graphics. Scroll through the landing page and the story that unfolds is one of great regard and appreciation for the creators that breathe life into our platform, partners that push the latest technology, a tight-niched team that pushes one another, our top-notch advisors, and our diverse community passionate about comics and games.

Diving further into the website brings you to the Collectibles Binder. It comes equipped with a magnifying glass that helps bring out the level of detail in each piece. Why stop there, integrating a fully interactive 3D viewer brings it to a new level. The pin-point control and lighting bloom effect provides a first-in-class immersive look into how digital collectibles should be viewed.

Continuing through the MSL website, each storefront has been given a complete facelift. Showcasing the unique styles of our creators and offering their digital wares, each storefront adds yet another dimension with specialized booster pack opening animations with fully randomized collectibles.

This is an exciting time for Mint State Labs. The fresh features on the site have been methodically developed to emulate the parts of physical collecting that make it special. But this is only the beginning. The development team is heating up and the Mint State Labs movement is only getting started.



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