MSL Presents: Kodi NFTs

It is official, we’re hitting the go-live button for our first partner NFTs! Launching November 16,2021, Kodi NFTs pack quite a punch. There are only 3500 packs available and with everything going into Kodi NFTs, we anticipate they won’t last long.

Kodi NFT packs are guaranteed to contain three procedurally generated 2D NFTs of the supremely stylish Kodi bear that beams with vibrant color. There is a 1:10 chance of receiving a 4th, 3D animated NFT. The rare 3D animated NFT cards have a level of depth as it spins with unique backgrounds and intense graphics. Even rarer 4th 3D NFTs are beautifully packaged figurines. Complete in box, the packaged figurine NFTs are so lifelike with a cardboard packaging and transparent sides for full display.

The rarest NFTs are the pinnacle of NFT prizes. Kodi has included 14 prizes randomly distributed within the pack distribution. The first tier of prizes are five Xbox S series and three PlayStation 5’s. The next tier is three $2,000 vacation packages.

The upper echelon of the prize tiers has 3 major prizes. The first of three is $10,000 in BUSD and will be deposited directly to the winner’s wallet. Then, the grand prize, two Tesla Model 3s! Imagine being one of the lucky winners to drive off a Tesla lot in your brand-new Tesla!

Kodi is strategic in their marketing and giveaways which drives strong focus to their NFTs and sets them apart from most other NFT projects. As the NFT space evolves, Mint State Labs’ direction is clear, partner with quality projects that strive to be the front runners in the space.



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