MSL Presents: Blockchain Bear Brawls

November 6, 2021 MSL is thrilled to announce our partnership with Blockchain Bear Brawls. A significant partnership set to launch the first of many games on the Mint State Arcade. An immersive 1v1 NFT trading card game (TCG) with a simplistic design that requires a cunning strategy and a bit of luck. Each Brawl Bear NFT is a chromatic explosion of vibrant color with comically demented artwork and hilariously unassuming names. Blockchain Bear Brawls NFTs will be launching on the Avalanche (AVAX) Network December 18, 2021.

AVAX is listed on most major exchanges which makes it easy to get into and has a comparatively low entry point. It’s eco-friendly and has sustainably low fees. We’re talking pennies in transaction fees. AVAX is the fastest smart contract platform and has the most validators securing its activity. Their steady growth is building a large following of developers bringing their visions to life and users reap the benefits of a cheap, fast, and secure network.

Moralis, our backend provider is a blockchain agnostic web development platform. Being multichain, on December 4th, 2021 MSL is launching BBB on the AVAX testnet to take a deep dive into the backend to extensively test each feature of the contract and its interaction with the MSL platform.

While on testnet, users are able to access some of MSL’s NFT features. Users are able to mint packs and access their testnet Brawl Bear NFTs in the NFT Binder. While in the binder, users can sort their NFTs and even build a deck in preparation for the Blockchain Bear Brawls 1v1 game.

A playable demo of the Blockchain Bear Brawls game will launch on December 20, 2021. Though limited in functionality, users can connect their NFT binder, build decks, and challenge community members.

Then, when the BBB NFTs launch users can use their own NFTs to brawl it out with others! Soon after the Brawl Bear NFT launch, Blockchain Bear Brawls will be holding their first ever BBB Tournament with great prizes!

February 2022 will be a huge month for Mint State Labs and Blockchain Bear Brawls with the beta launch of the BBB Play2earn game. Players can win $Stuffing, the in-game currency, that can be used to purchase upgrades or even buy Brawl Bear NFTs. Add animation, upgrade to 3D, and even fuse bears together to create an even more powerful cuddly abomination. The Blockchain Bear Brawl NFT minting and online game are only available on



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