MSL - Comics and Trading Cards on the blockchain

The foundation has been poured, pillars set, and the roof constructed. Mint State Labs is now sweeping the saw dust and picking up the last bit of evidence of our virtual construction site. It’s been just over three months since the conception and though hardhats are still on, our showroom doors are soon to open. The buzz from our discord community is growing louder each day as more people join in anticipation of our grand opening.

Offering unique amenities for both community and development partners, Mint State Labs is the premiere NFT mintpad for exclusive NFT projects to showcase their actualized vision. Each project selected to join the MSL platform has been thoroughly vetted to ensure their long-term vision aligns with the values of MSL. It is paramount that each project launched on the MSL platform resonates with the look and feel of a digital comic book shop.

Our NFTs are truly one of a kind. The MSL patent pending minting and grading process incorporates physical production imperfections for a life-like experience. Booster packs sold on the MCS NFT platform contain a set number of NFT cards with one rare with potential imperfections. Even if you pull two of the same rare NFT, it will be highly unlikely they’ll be exactly the same. A skillful eye may catch seemingly minor imperfections or errors, but using MSL’s grading service you’ll know exactly how close to perfect it is with an official score.

When minting NFT Booster packs, the cards inside are pre-determined which means the NFTs inside are the NFTs you get, just like buying a booster pack from your local card shop. And like booster packs on the shelves of your local card shop, the packaging may have different art styles but there is no difference with what’s inside. Striving to bring the real-life experience to the digital space, booster packs can either be kept sealed, or opened for the thrill of the hunt!

Easily sort, filter, and organize your NFTs in the NFT binder and use the deck builder to bring your NFT deck to life on the Blocktable. The Blocktable is MSL’s digital playground with beautifully designed free2play games. The games indeed are free2play as unranked, casual play. Those that want to up their game and battle it out in weekly tournaments and events are required to bring their complete NFT deck to participate for a chance to win great crypto prizes.

Dedicated to launching with complete and stable products and services, the MSL team has finishing cloths in hand polishing every detail to bring you the very best in NFT collecting and gaming. As launch draws near, the excitement is at an all time high within the project team and the growing community. New partnerships will be announced soon and those joining discord have their ear closest to the ground getting the latest news, updates, and securing spots in future whitelisting.



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Mint State Labs

Mint State Labs


NFT Minting and grading service for creators to realize their dreams and collectors to fulfill theirs.